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Afrinoon Permaculture is a registered Permaculture demonstration site, so we invite you to join us for a day filled with guided tours and engaging discussions.

What we offer

A permaculture demonstration site serves as a living example of how permaculture design can be applied to create sustainable and regenerative systems for food production, land management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and community engagement.

You will learn how we integrate permaculture into every aspect of our site, from sustainable nature based gardening, to integrating animals to holistic land management.

Discover practical techniques that you can apply to your own land and garden while connecting with like-minded individuals in our vibrant community. Whether you’re new to permaculture or a seasoned practitioner, our Open Days demonstrating permaculture offer something for everyone. Come explore, learn, and be inspired!

Our next open day is on the 10th August 2024 so please book now to secure your place as there are limited spaces available.

Please arrive at one of the following slots  –  10am, 12am or 2:30pm as this is a sequential, guided site tour that starts at 10:30am.


€5 adults, children under 14 free. No pets please. All donations made on the day goes to support a Permaculture project in Kenya

To book, please contact us via email or whatsapp.

Permaculture demonstration site visit with people listening to a talk

“Our family visited early this month and spent a lovely few hours chatting with Karen and Glen all about the Afrinoon project and way of living. We felt very welcome and will definitely be visiting again and taking part in some way in the future. Can’t wait to go back.”

– Graeme and Family

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